With nearly 70 years operating from the heart of Munster, throughout Ireland and abroad, we have built up experience, contacts and a common-sense approach dealing with all legal matters.

We strive to simplify, explain and expedite all legal matters for all our clients, big and small.

We aim to provide efficiency, rapid response and sensible advice to Clients of all sizes and walks of life, at reasonable and competitive rates.

To us, the client comes first at whatever time, date or date, as we seek to assist to bring clients business to a sensible, speedy and cost-efficient solution and conclusion on a confidential basis, and to ensure that our Clients are able to move on with their business and lives without concern.


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Kieran T. Flynn & Co. have a long and proud tradition of looking after local, national and international clients, both private and commercial, in property transactions, locally, nationally and abroad, for about 65 years.  These days, there is a lot of red tape between Lender Requirements, Planning, Planning and Building Regulations, Property Taxes, Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client Regulations.  We strive to cut through this quickly and efficiently with clients, and operate the following range of services:-

  1. Transfer of property (Residential, Agricultural and Commercial) – both buying and selling – on behalf of purchasers or vendors, and voluntary transfers and gifts of land or property.
  2. Mortgages or borrowing – we deal with all Banks, Building Societies and assist in dealing with queries as needs be.
  3. Examination of property.  We will liaise or help you liaise with appropriate professionals for the production of Reports on houses and what requires to be done from a Planning perspective if selling or getting a house properly examined if buying.  We operate with a large network of other professionals in this regard.
  4. Title Document check.  If necessary, we can arrange to review your Title documentation to ascertain if a property is ready for sale or if anything needs to be done regarding same.
  5. Commercial and Housing Property Developments.  We advise with regard to all aspects of same, big and small.
  6. Rights of Way and other Easements – registration and protection of same, with particular reference to new Legislation (including Land Registry Conveyancing of Property Act, 2009).
  7. Adverse Possession (Squatters Right/Perfection of Title to properties) – often registered (or not even registered) in incorrect names.
  8. Renting and Leasing of property including residential, farmlands and commercial (of any complexity) and preparation and review of Leases in this regard, together with advising on Landlords and Tenants Rights and Obligations.


We provide advice relative to Commercial / Business matters including liaising with Financial Advisors, Auditors, Accountants, Agricultural and other advisors in relation to Trusts, Partnerships, Sole Trade and Corporate/Business setups and Acquisitions/Sales and ongoing requirements including VAT, CGT and CAT matters.

We provide services including:-

  1. Advising and drafting of both a simple and complex nature.  We strive to cover every angle with uncomplicated wording.
  2. Probate and Estates.  When a family member dies, we are aware of the stresses and strains upon the family.  We aim to, and generally achieve having a typical Estate fully administered within four months or less of receiving instructions on most uncomplicated Estates dealing with simple residence and savings.
  3. On more complicated Estates, we liaise with Clients and appropriate experts, particularly in a taxation area, to ensure that the client is properly served, whilst striving to ensure that the Estate is dealt with in a comprehensive and cost-effective way.  Full details of all costs are provided at an early stage, so the Client is aware of what is required, including costing.
  4. We deal with issues arising between relations and beneficiaries in a sensitive and practical manner to achieve a result where possible that is satisfactory to all concerned.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with Personal Injury and Accident Claims of all types.  We have experience in dealing with both sides in large and small matters.  We value our reputation for giving an objective assessment of prospects of success for clients.  We will advise you, good or bad, regarding any potential accident or injury claim, so you can decide how you wish to proceed with all the facts.

We deal with all elements of Personal Injury, Accident and Litigation, including the following:-

  • Road Traffic Accidents with personal injuries and/or material damage
  • Fatal injury accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Medical Negligence
  • Contract disputes and property disputes
  • Wills and Probate dispute
  • Product liability and defective products
  • All general Contract and accident disputes

We deal with all areas including submission of details to the Personal Injuries Board as required in respect of Personal Injury accidents.  We would set out for you at an early stage the cost of any such matters and strive to ensure that you will be fully aware of the cost implications going forward at all stages.

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Kieran T. Flynn & Co. operate a full range of services in Family Law to include Divorce, Judicial Separation, Deeds of Separation, Co-Habitation and all family issues.

We understand that family breakup or separation is a trying and stressful time for all parties, and strive to ensure that our clients’ needs are met, on both a legal, financial and emotional level.

We ourselves are qualified Mediators, and provide a Mediation service if required.  We understand the Mediation and Court Process and the emotional effects of same on family, and in particular children.  We strive to ensure that all our clients’ needs are explained in full and the implications of same.  We mediate and can arrange mediation, and strive to engage with colleagues and other parties to reach reasonable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for all to enable our clients to move forward with their lives and their family.  First we listen, then we advise, and lastly, we seek to deal with the matter on our clients’ behalf and on our client’s instructions in a mature, reasonable and cost-effective manner.

We advise both employers and employees on employment contracts, together with advice and appearances as required with the Workplace Relations Commission and other entities as needed.


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